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Rhonda L Pollock

Consultant, Presenter, Mentor

Rhonda Pollock, founder, director, and lead educator of Pollywogs Nature Playschool(PNP) provides consulting, mentoring, and presentation services. PNP is the first Massachusetts state-licensed Cedarsong Accredited Forest Kindergarten. Rhonda has built several home-based educational programs over her 20+ years of experience, including founding, designing, and implementing the entire PNP program from the ground up. Rhonda's wealth of knowledge and expertise can support all growth phases, from starting a school/program to helping you evolve your current program.

 While operating my programs(Pollywogs Nature Playschool), I can hardly keep up with the number of dedicated educators reaching out for guidance and advice as they begin their nature-based program journeys. I want nothing more than for the nature-based learning community to flourish and grow, and that is why I have finally started to offer tailored consulting services officially. I have been connecting children to nature since 1998. My area of expertise is with nature play as well as nature-based programs in a home-based setting, a unique niche. Please reach out for a list of offered services or custom tailor services for your specific needs. It is an exciting time to watch your dreams of creating your own nature-based business come to fruition. It can be overwhelming and a daunting experience. This is where I hope to come in and ease some of that burden, sowing the seeds, watering, and watching it all flourish, grow, and blossom. I look forward to working with you.