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Nature Connection Consulting

Planting the seeds for nature connection

For children and adults alike


Rhonda L Pollock

Practitioner, Consultant, Presenter, Mentor

Rhonda Pollock, founder, director, and lead educator of Pollywogs Nature Playschool(PNP), provides consulting, mentoring, and presentation services. PNP is the first Massachusetts state-licensed Cedarsong Accredited Forest Kindergarten. Rhonda has built several home-based educational programs with over 20+ years of experience, including founding, designing, and implementing the entire PNP program from the ground up. Rhonda's wealth of knowledge and expertise can support all growth phases, from starting a nature-based preschool program to helping you evolve your current program.

 While operating my programs(Pollywogs Nature Playschool), I have had dedicated educators reaching out for guidance and advice as they begin their nature-based program/school journey. I want nothing more than for the nature-based learning community to flourish and grow, so I have officially started offering tailored consulting services. I have been connecting children to nature since 1998. My area of expertise is with nature play, nature connection, and nature-based programs(Forest Kindergarten, Forest School, Nature Clubs, and Nature Camp) utilizing a home-based setting, a unique niche. Please reach out for a list of offered services or custom tailor services for your specific needs. Watching your dreams of creating your own nature-based business come to fruition is exciting. It can be overwhelming and a daunting experience. This is where I hope to come in and ease some of that burden, sowing the seeds, watering, and watching it all flourish, grow, and blossom. I look forward to working with you.

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"I am incredibly grateful to Rhonda for the support she has given me with starting Bowker Hill Nature School. She helped me with everything from developing my website and handbook to suggestions for my physical space to guidance on how to manage specific challenges with specific children, and everything in between! I had a teaching background before embarking on this journey, so I felt confident in some areas, but I had SO MANY questions about the outdoor classroom, storage, insurance, state licensing, etc. Rhonda gave me very specific “nitty-gritty detail” kind of advice and also suggested reading material, conferences, or coursework that would complement the skills and education that I already possessed.  Rhonda does not use a “one size fits all approach.”  She understood that what I needed to grow my program and advance my skills was not necessarily the same that someone with a different background or experience would need.  I also love that Rhonda is very personable and real. She has raised three kids of her own and has been working with children and families for decades. She knows what works and what doesn’t and she can communicate that knowledge in an approachable and unassuming way. Working with Rhonda saved me HOURS of trial and error and missteps. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to avail myself of her knowledge and experience and would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking to start or improve a nature-based program.

Alisa Allegrini

Bowker Hill Nature School

Norwell, MA


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